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Ravenna Hills Phone: 970-210-7521

FYI: Ravenna Hills and The Knolls are 2 separate HOA's.

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Annual meeting is October 12 at 6:30 pm.

Location: First Presbyterian Church

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Meeting on June 30 at 4:00 pm

Location: 2227 Cortina Court

Agenda: Fernwood Stree, private or city

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Homeowner meeting is June 11th at 11:00 am and June 14th at 4:00 pm.

Agenda: CCR section 8 and other CCR discussion

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                                RAVENNA HILLS HOA – SPRING LETTER  –

                                                    MARCH 2021

Hello to all Ravenna Hills homeowners and a special welcome to all of our new neighbors, from your HOA Board!

The Operation of your homeowners association is governed by a board of volunteer directors, to oversee the daily functions, financial responsibilities, maintain compliance of the CCRs of the Association. The Ravenna HOA Board members are currently doing the duties of a Management Company as well. There are 41 homes in Ravenna Hills.

               ***      SEE ENCLOSED CONTACT SHEET FOR HOMEOWNERS    ***


President/Secretary: Cindy Gaines – [email protected]

Vice President: Andy Scott

Member At Large: Dave Meyer

Treasurer Designate: Ron Makela


It was discovered in 2020 that Ravenna Hills and the Knolls never merged. Therefore Ravenna Hills and the Knolls are two separate HOAs, and 2 separate boards were elected. The HOA Boards have   been very busy reorganizing all the requirements due to the separation.


  1. Architectural Control Committee (ACC): Dave Meyer and Kathy Hall

Please remember that if you are thinking of modifying the exterior of your house and landscaping, it is required to complete an ACC Form and return the form to an ACC member, mail to the address below, scan to email, at least 3 weeks prior to starting your project as approval needs to be completed, and the form needs to be returned to the homeowner prior to starting your project. Improvements must follow Grand Junction City Codes and Requirements.  Obtain forms from a Board/ACC member or print from Ravenna website: Paint color for fences: Sherwin Williams Monument.

Remember that the HOA may require non-approved changes to be removed or corrected.


  1. Neighborhood Watch Program: Ravenna Hills is involved in a Neighborhood Watch Program. Contact Don May (see contact sheet), with any strange activity that is observed.


  1. Ravenna Hills Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions (CCRs).

-Process of updating continues, hope to complete the CCRs in 2021.  Homeowners are encouraged to attend ZOOM meetings to discuss changes. CCR’s are on the website.



     **Jim Fleming is the new Bookcliff Gardens/Ravenna Liaison (see contact sheet)


-Ravenna Hills AND The Knolls SHARE the irrigation Pumps, irrigation water and the irrigation system. Ravenna Hills does NOT have a separate irrigation system.

–Please remember that the Irrigation ponds are an IMPORTANT part of the irrigation system. Do NOT fish, swim, wade, or throw things (includes rocks) into the ponds.  Pond area is private property.

See attached Irrigation schedule

– Please do not make requests to the Bookcliff Gardens crew.

– Contact Jim Fleming for all requests, and questions, etc.

-Signs will be posted at the Entrances of Piazza/Cortland and Piazza/27 ½ Rd to notify

Homeowners when the irrigation system is off for repairs.


  **The following is information on what the BG Contract provides for the homeowner**

Spring Irrigation start up, Irrigation system checks-May-Sept. Fall Winterization of Irrigation

Mowing, Trimming, Edging, Blowing (32x March-October)

Turf Care: Fertilization and weed control (5x March, May, July, Sept. Oct.)

Spring Aeration (April)

Manual Weeding (32x weekly and is included with mowing)

Spring Cleanup (clean up leaves and debris in March)

Fall Clean up (clean up leaves and debris in November)

Pre-emergent for beds (1x March)

Post-Emergent for beds (32x visit April-October)

Plant Fertilization (1x in May)

Spring Pruning (1x in March)  — Bookcliff unable to do pruning over 10 feet

Summer Pruning (1x in July)  —  Bookcliff unable to do pruning over 10 feet

Tree Spraying for 22 Trees (Pines and Ash), and deep root fertilization). Entrances at Cortland and 27 ½ Road. Ravenna common areas, Fernwood, Sparrow and Cortina Ct.

6.SNOW REMOVAL:  Bookcliff Gardens provides snow removal from driveways and sidewalks. Snow Removal done when snow is 2 inches or greater. Call 970-210-7521 if your sidewalk and driveway not shoveled. BG will be contacted to return and complete the snow removal.


  1. Volunteers:

We always appreciate volunteers on the HOA committees, and continue to need homeowners that are interested in serving on the Ravenna HOA Board (or to only assist with projects as they are able).  The HOA board’s goal is to maintain property values and the beauty of Ravenna Hills. Please contact a Board member (phone, email) if you would like to assist. This would be much appreciated as the Ravenna Hills Board is acting as the Management Company in order to not increase monthly dues to the homeowners.

  1. 8. A Management Company may be required in the future in order for the HOA to have assistance with all the Colorado State Laws that are required of HOAs


9..MEETING schedule, Agenda, minutes:  are posted on the website: www.knollsandravennahills.hoa (click on Ravenna)  Currently all meetings are by ZOOM.

-If you want to join the meeting on ZOOM; email Cindy Gaines ([email protected]) with your email address and Cindy will send you the ZOOM link so you can attend.


-Election Signs: 2 election signs 30 days prior to election and must be removed 1 day after election. Signs not to exceed 18×24 inches.

Vehicles: No Boats, trailers, campers, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, damaged or non-operating, unlicensed, unregistered vehicles are to be parked in street or driveway. They are NOT to be stored on or adjacent to the side or back yard of your house. Motor Homes may be parked for the purpose of loading and unloading for a period of no more than 48 hours. Vehicles parked in the street belonging to the owner are prohibited. Other than a temporary visitor, vehicles must be parked in the driveway.

-DOGS-Reminder that it is a City Ordinance that dogs are to be on a leash – Thank You!



  1. To Report a Covenant Violation: call: 970-201-7521 or [email protected]


Cindy Gaines – Ravenna Hills President